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San Francisco & Marin County

Santa Clara County:

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Contra Costa County:

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Our Instructors

All our teachers are licensed as a professional driving instructors by DMV. All have taken courses to becomes a driving instructor and received their certifications as a more

DMV Approved Drivers Education 

If you are under 17 1/2 years of age. CA DMV required either in class or online drivers more

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Easy & Affordable Driving School

30 Years of experience + Safe and easy way to learn to drive

Driving Lessons & Driving Test Preparation

  • Teens 6 Hours Special
  • Adult & Senior Drivers Training
  • Written Test Preparation
  • Free Pick-up and Drop Off
  • Nervous students are WELCOME!

We don't just teach you how to past the test!

But we also teach you how to drive safely and effectively!!

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Alameda County

Sacramento County:

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San Mateo County

Behind the Wheel  - Drivers Training -  In Car Training

Learning safe driving skill will last for the whole life time!

At Easy & Affordable Driving School, we want our students to implement Defensive Driving Techniques. Our courses would cover all topics which includes:

   - Orientation to the vehicle

   - Driving Responsibility

   - Driving Strait & Turns

   - Rules and Regulation of the road

   - Driving in Traffic

   - Changing Lane in traffic

   - Pedestrian & Bicyclist Rights

   - Backing Up

   - Parking (Parallel parking, etc…)

   - U turns and turns about

   - Freeway or Highway


By law, Students must have either a PERMIT, a TEMPORARY LICENCE, or a LICENSE in order to start drivers training.

For students who are under 18. You must have completed one drivers training session with us before you can practice with your parent. We will validate your permit when you start your first driving session.

Call: 1 (800) 992-6002  to start!